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Cover art for Numa Gama's song: Nas Folhas 🌿

Nas Folhas 🌿

Numa Gama


"There is a drawing in the bamboo leaves. In the leaves is infinity. Their arms can reach me. They want to embrace me. To the vast green, I entrust my entire being." *Composed, produced & performed by Numa Gama *Cover artwork by @Microdosys ( *Released in collaboration with GenreDAO All revenue generated from this NFT will be split accordingly: *15% GenreDAO Treasury *42.5% Numa Gama *42.5% Microdosys Granted to the highest bidder from the initial sale: *Access to token gated perks: Access to Numa Gama Zen Den discord community with premium content, music recommendations, alpha, unreleased music, stems, chance to get guest lists for festivals & parties globally *full-res cover artwork *$GENRE tokens

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April 30, 2022
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