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Cover art for Noah Pred's song: Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation

Noah Pred


Recorded music is a metaphysical technology, crystallizing sound into discrete encapsulations of experience: portals to memories, hopes, desires, loves lost and found, moments of irrational exuberance, dreams, joy, pain - newly conjured each listen. Now let us imagine a sort of club operating at the end of time, a surreal yet fluid interplay embodied in pure abandon; endlessly animated, suspended beyond dimension. Whatever this means to you: open your ears and visit. Suspended Animation is Pred’s Catalog genesis. Possession imbues the owner with: · 1 x free Bandcamp download code for each of the creator’s releases there, on request (so long as Bandcamp is active); and, · an elevated capacity for synchronicity. © / ℗ Noah Pred 2023 Original artwork by Kenneth Scott (IG: @kenneth.scott1) Ownership of this token does not confer any copyright, license, or other interest to the recording, aside from potential gains realized on the resale of this 1/1 token.

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February 17, 2023
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