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#727 Leonor (Joel's Anthem) - Demo

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Recorded 05.03.2020, Bass/Guitar sauce added 12.18.2021 After the Le Vie project ended in February of 2018, I immediately started working on my debut album and trying to hone in on my sound. Most of my initial demos had vocals recorded straight through the mac mic because that was right around the era where harsh lofiness was in style and it seemed like a cool way to differentiate my voice. After that, i started stacking the vocals heavily and thats era of this recording - the vocals on this are stacked and less melodic because it wasn't really until 2021 that my songs had more melodic poppier melodies. This beat goes crazy though, and when i retouched it a year later with bass from my friend Diogo and guitar it went to a whole new level (which I did while up in remote snowy belfast maine, where I was retreating to revisit and finish some of my earlier demos). The most important thing about this demo is after I made this beat (which I initially made for Portuguese rapper Dengaz but decided to keep for myself) was that immediately once I wrote a chorus I consulted my closest supporter and one of my best friends JJ (who I ended up writing my third album about after his passing), who helped me workshop the focus the song a way from a more melancholic topic (which all my initial "IOWA" demos had) to more themed around a girl, which being stuck in Europe during Covid I had plenty muses to inspire the lyrics. I cherish the advice he gave me and must say that my music got infinitely saucier with his consulting, and I look forward to sharing many wonderful stories about him with whoever mints this, he truly was one of a kind and a person that influenced all three of my albums.
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November 20, 2022
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