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#7 - Aubs Track



11.24.2009 One of my first beats from freshman year of high school, very Pharell influenced. Still in my garageband days. Every day I'd come home from football practice, scour 2Dopeboyz for all the new music coming out (discovering the Kendrick Lamar EP and artists like Joey Badass, Kid Cudi, J Cole and all the amazing artists coming out at the time at the beginning of their careers), and would get to make beats all day. I was a sociable kid but I was still pretty shy, but girls from my classes would ask me to make a video of a beat I made and post it on their facebook wall - you can tell how long ago this was cause who on earth would do that now hahah. Seems like forever ago, crazy to think where only 10 years later I'd be performing at international festivals and working with artists around the world. I enjoy looking back - it reminds me even with how far I need to go, how far I've come

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