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Cover art for Nadav's song: #1111 - ¡SEND ME TO GHANA! - Neo Amapiano

#1111 - ¡SEND ME TO GHANA! - Neo Amapiano


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Okay this ones pretty wild but hear me out: So a Ghanian producer whose work I absolutely love invited me out to cruise out to Ghana to make music with him. He produces for a lot of the top Afrobeat artists and his sound is absolutely incredible - I know that if I go we will make some crazy crazy shit that really pushes sound forward. However, it's very expensive to go there. So whoever mints this is literally sending me to Ghana and in return I will facetime you every day I'm there, give you updates on the trip and the music made, send videos and pictures of my travels and cookups, and hopefully enable you to experience Ghana vicariously through me! Additionally I will mint exclusively to you a 1/1 of one of the beats I make there and you will be the sole owner of that 1/1 (I can also mint a video as well, up to you which you prefer for a 1/1) Key: Dmin BPM: 108
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January 14, 2023
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