Cover art for Nadav's song: #1051 - Cuffing Szn - Collab Edition #4
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#1051 - Cuffing Szn - Collab Edition #4

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11.15.2021 Help send me to Ghaaaana - Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Why this is one is different: Whoever owns this NFT while owning the NFT this has my permission to drop their version as an nft with them singing/rapping/doing whatever they feel on it, as long as I'm given my proper 50% as producer (which we can do through Catalog or Reveel). Meaning as this passes from owner to owner, we could see many different versions. Just to clarify that doesn't give rights beyond dropping as a music nft (i.e. - not on streaming platforms, feel free to dm me if you want to know the ethos behind that though), BUT I do think this could be a really cool new way to collab and do records with artists. I've never sold a beat to an artist I wasn't directly in the studio with, which means I've never collab'd with a stranger and have been super meticulous about who I make music with - but I'd like to expand my mindset and really like to tap into the community more and think this could be a great way. Wavy Afroswing BPM130 Key C#min
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January 21, 2023
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