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Cover art for MoRuf's song: Sweetvibes2




"Flowers only blossom in the Spring time" This song is inspired by one of my favorite seasons..Spring. That's usually a time when the grass begins to green & weather starts to warm up. The overall mood changes and flowers that were once fragile tulips begin to grow and blossom. All flowers and plants require a bit of rain to do so, and without the showers they don't grow. I take that as a metaphor for life. We have to embrace the rain, and transitions as we all embark to become the flowers that we're meant to be. It's all apart of the process. “ I know I kept it on the low low/but now I’m about to let my soul glow! ” Also this is one of my favorite songs that i've recorded. From the lyrics to overall vibe. It's a feel good jam perfect for this new season. Reminds me to stay optimistic regardless of anything. Grateful and excited to bring this gem over to the blockchain. Vibe & Enjoy! Written by MoRuf Produced by BrainOrchestra Mixed by Matt Cody

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March 30, 2022
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