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As a teenager growing up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn was a blessing! Being involved in Caribbean festivities like the Labor day parade shaped our summers. People are playing mass and repping their camps. Jab Jabs roaming the streets during Jouvert night. Flags and costumes can be seen everywhere. This was Summer in the BK. I moved to LA in 2016 and began to reminisce on my upbringing in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. The nostalgia inspired so much work. I tapped more and more into my Jamican roots. Throughout this process, I wrote everything I was feeling. Some of my feelings were expressed through songs, apps, and films, while others came through as writings, digital art and spiritual awakenings. In 2015 I started creating a beat and demo that would became Warrior Song. I began playing it around at parties. I directed a video in 2017 with a friend and long time collaborator Jason Banker. I wrote songs in Jamaica for the first time and collaborated with Shungudzo. I also worked on myself. I opened up to friends and family more and felt the spirit of my ancestors resonating through all of my music from day one. I'm grateful for every lesson learned in the process. Warrior Song is featured on Big Chunez Vol.1, an Album I wanted to release back in 2017, but the alignment was incorrect. I created artwork, videos and commissioned some of my favorite artists and directors to help craft a visual representation of the music that felt exactly like what the listener would experience. I put so much honest, creative, spiritual, and magical energy into warrior song I genuinely feel that the reward for me here is having this song out in the world and on WEb3 for the first time. That alone makes me happy. So much power came from creating this song. I know it's because the intent and purpose of this record is to show respect and love to the warrior spirit. The DNA of the original peoples' resonants in all we do, whether we acknowledge it or not. Each year Caribbean centered carnivals are celebrated worldwide by those who know the history and many who don't. With respect to the resilient spirit of peoples of the Caribbean and African diaspora world wide. Both the Beautiful and grimy sides. Warrior song was released in 2019. The winner of this piece will receive: -Warrior Song - 16b-44.1k .wav -Warrior Song - 16b-44.1k mp3 -Warrior Song 2015 demo beat .mp3 -Warrior Song Instrumental .mp3 -Warrior Song Remix .mp3 -Cover Art .png by Bryant Wells -Visualizer by Black Power Barbie -“Welcome to Brooklyn” (Warrior Song Music video Teaser) -Private link to Big Chunez Album (Demo) -Invite to Xtra Creative House Discord in near future Warrior Song Produced & Written by MELO-X Ft. Shungudzo Recorded by Mike Sabri at Temple Base Studio Los Angeles Mixed by Claudio Cueni
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November 3, 2021

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