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Cover art for Matthewdavid's song: Mycelium Under a Tree

Mycelium Under a Tree



*Performed & recorded live - winter 2018 - at the Leaving Records outdoor public concert series "Listen to Music Outside in the Daylight Under a Tree" using Ableton Collision electric piano, tape delay, & m4l re:mix w/Monome 128 grid. Original 20+ min recording edited to ~5min in 2022 preparing for the Matthewdavid Mycelium Music full-length album (track not included on album, it is an outtake). *Cover artwork by Sam Klickner aka Chalices of Vision All revenue generated from this NFT will be split accordingly: *15% GenreDAO Treasury *42.5% Matthewdavid *42.5% Sam Klickner Granted to the highest bidder from initial sale: *full original 20+min recording, uncompressed audio *full-res cover artwork *$GENRE tokens

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April 17, 2022
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