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Cover art for Matt FX's song: Vaquero


Matt FX


Have you ever met a proper Mexican cowboy? They're the real deal. Vaquero is my debut release under Matt FX. The track was produced in March of 2020, and born out of a particularly dark period of my life. It was the early, early days of the pandemic and lockdown had just begun in New York City. Like many others, I was struggling deeply with mental health and stability. A constant sense paranoia pervaded my home, and the air outside was punctured at all hours of the day and night by the wailing sounds of ambulance sirens racing through the streets. At the time, producing this track felt like a deep catharsis for me, as I drew direct inspiration from the strength and solitude of the vaqueros I had met just a few weeks prior, while learning how to ride a horse in Tepoztlán, Mexico. When the track was originally released, proceeds were donated to Crisis Text Line, a not for profit organization dedicated to providing 24/7 support to those in need. In keeping with the humanitarian purpose of this release, I am now minting this track on Catalog with the intention of donating proceeds to relief organizations in Ukraine, specifically those focusing on marginalized LGBTQ+ citizens as well as immigrants and foreign students living within the country. Depending on how much this record winds up going for, I will split donations between Insight Ukraine, a local LGBTQ+ organization that provides legal, psychological, and medical support to queer and trans Ukrainians, as well as The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, World Central Kitchen, and hopefully one or two other organizations. owner of this nft will receive: a .wav/mp3 download of vaquero + vaquero (extended mix) a personalized playlist curated by myself a secret folder of big ol' bangers <3

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March 10, 2022
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