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Cover art for MAi's song: SiLENCE




WORLD 1 - 3 (SiLENCE) origin: Sept. 11th, 2019 After leaving THE CiTY, I still found myself trapped within the reverberations of MAiWORLD. With an important decision lying in MAi hands, I sat in SiLENCE. LYRiCS SiLENCE when the speakers turned down wait for me, i'll make it somehow maybe it's too late for me, now but there's only one way to find out Completed: Jan. 30th, 2021 WORLD 1 - 3 (SiLENCE) is the third track off the debut album, 'WORLD 1'. Collector of this NFT receives: - 1/1 GOLD Physical Gameboy cartridge w/ SiLENCE artwork - Plays ‘MAiWORLD’, a playable Gameboy game designed around the story of WORLD 1 (demo version) - NFC inside cartridge to a secret link that adapts over time - $MAI TOKEN(s) - MAiWORLD bonus channel discord access - Early access to future music SONG CREDITS: ARTiST: MAi ALL MUSIC WRiTTEN/COMPOSED/PERFORMED/ RECORDED/PRODUCED/MIXED BY: MAiWORLD MASTERED BY: MiGHTY33 WELCOME TO MAiWORLD.

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November 27, 2021
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