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WORLD 1 - 1 (MAiWORLD) Origin: Oct. 26th, 2019 "You are conscious of the WORLD you create only when you accept the full responsibility of your power." i had just woken up and a simple phrase was running through MAi head... LYRiCS this is MAiWORLD, i create it, you can't fuck with me it's a long life, imma live it, you just wait and see don't you worry, everybody gotta pay the fee shit ain't always free, gotta pay the fee completed: Aug 2nd, 2020 (almost a year later, the middle verse was added to the song) WORLD 1 - 1 (MAiWORLD) is the first track off the debut album, 'WORLD 1'. This track's original title was 'POUND'; when i first made the song, i had, in fact, just copped a pound for my pops. Collector of this NFT receives: - 1/1 GOLD Physical Gameboy cartridge w/ MAiWORLD artwork - Plays ‘MAiWORLD’, a playable Gameboy game designed around the story of WORLD 1 (demo version) - NFC inside cartridge to a secret link that adapts over time - $MAI TOKEN(s) - MAiWORLD bonus channel discord access - Early access to future music SONG CREDITS: ARTiST: MAi ALL MUSIC WRiTTEN/COMPOSED/PERFORMED/ RECORDED/PRODUCED/MIXED BY: MAiWORLD MASTERED BY: MiGHTY33 WELCOME TO MAiWORLD.

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November 16, 2021
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