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WORLD 1 - 6 (LEAVE) Origin: Aug 5th, 2020
 After the battle, I was wounded, and so was everyone around me. Surrounded by destruction, there was no clear path forward. LYRiCS well maybe you should LEAVE like everyone else why the fuck you even here i'll do this by MAiSELF always focused on MAi fears now i'm summoning hell i been wasting all these years think i need me some help Completed: Aug 24th, 2020
 WORLD 1 - 6 (LEAVE) is the sixth track off the debut album, 'WORLD 1'. Collector of this NFT receives: - 1/1 GOLD Physical Gameboy cartridge w/ LEAVE artwork - Plays ‘MAiWORLD’, a playable Gameboy game designed around the story of WORLD 1 (demo version) - NFC inside cartridge to a secret link that adapts over time - $MAI TOKEN(s) - MAiWORLD bonus channel discord access - Early access to future music SONG CREDITS: ARTiST: MAi ALL MUSIC WRiTTEN/COMPOSED/PERFORMED/ RECORDED/PRODUCED/MIXED BY: MAiWORLD MASTERED BY: MiGHTY33 WELCOME TO MAiWORLD.
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November 19, 2021

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