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Cover art for Maelstrom's song: You Can't Name a Random Event

You Can't Name a Random Event



Alternate version of "Looking At The Protocol" from Maelstrom's Rhizome album (released march 12th 2021 on RAAR) Ressources : - 808 kickdrum from a Waves Alchemy sample pack - Various SFX samples from the Wave Alchemy SFX Collection by J. Rowland - Kick drum from the Cinetools Hell Drums pack by Utku S. - Lead preset from the Absynth plugin (Native Instruments) - No designer specified - Digitone Presets by (d) a.k.a. “glitched” & Boris Potschubay - Vocal sample from Alison Pill in the Devs TV series on Hulu - Patch from the "He Morph Here" Reaktor ensemble created by Bernd Keil, Philippe Loiseau and Catman Dude David. - Reverb tails based on samples from "Peint En Bleu" by Otto Cross (Mathieu Friss)

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March 16, 2021
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