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Cover art for Luke Bar$'s song: Reflections ft (Dupes)

Reflections ft (Dupes)

Luke Bar$


Reflections, the 5th track off of Luke Bar$ album GoodEvil. The song is a representation of a man searching for his purpose, and realizing that all the answers that he has been looking for has been inside him all along. A constant theme in this body of work is "truth". Truth in self, truth in beliefs, truth in past etc... Luke is constantly searching for it. Since a child he was told "the truth shall set you free". Luke has been using his voice and his music to do just that. With the support of my Genesis NFT the winner of the bid will receive free merch from Luke Bar$ for the remainder of 2022, and also an unreleased demo that didn't make GoodEvil.

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January 21, 2022
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