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Cover art for Lost Under Heaven's song: Shadowboxing


Lost Under Heaven


written and produced by Ellery James Roberts Artwork by : MINÖ

 ‘Shadowboxing’ is the debut single from our forthcoming 3rd Album- ‘Something is Announced by your Life!’ - After Two critically Acclaimed albums released on Mute records, we decided to form our own independent label and creative studio, LUH*international, and have self funded all our latest work via our Patreon community and our own Crypto investments. We are currently inspired to experiment with web3 technology taking back control of our creative value & ownership whilst building a thriving online community that harnesses the power of blockchain technology as an alternative to the overwhelmingly negative influence that centralized forces-whether they be governments or massive tech corporations- have had on the lives of the vast majority of people around the world.

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February 21, 2023
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