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Cover art for kwon's song: Furry Luxury

Furry Luxury



Hi Everyone, My Name is Kwon and here is my first ever mint on Web3! I have been involved in the Crypto space for some time now and am excited to finally have something out. I started making music back in college, played a few instruments here and there and moved out to LA. Since then I got to release some music with a small label, worked with a bunch of talented people, and got to experience music in a way that I could never trade for anything else. Also being a Korean-American in the industry, I want to shed light to more asians in the Web3 Space and also hope to bridge gaps so that more Asians can get involved! Art is done by my amazing girlfriend @Ginajoyphoto please go check her out !!!! This song is called Furry Luxury - Hope you can feel it too :)

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December 21, 2021
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