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Cover art for Kathleen Regan's song: Coast Of Maine

Coast Of Maine

Kathleen Regan


Writing this song in 2018 was a pillar in both my professional and personal life. This song gave me the feeling like I had finally dug a space for myself. In 2014, I moved to Nashville, tn to leave my small town in Massachusetts and pursue music full time. Coming to Music City was both overwhelming and wonderful. I was excited to play in the “big leagues” but was also young and unsure of who I was and of what I wanted to be, which brought some ugly years. By the time November of 2018 rolled around, I felt tired of the music industry and like I’d been chewed up and spit out multiple times already, the way you feel after terrible publishing meetings, bars where people view you as background noise, and where having blonde hair and a Martin guitar meant I wanted to be Taylor Swift. I wrote ‘Coast of Maine’ in a moment where all I wanted to be was back home at my summer house where I felt peace, where I felt grounded, where I knew myself and could trust the love around me. Coast of Maine is the song I sing a cappella to open my shows, its the only song of mine I still go back and listen to when I need it, and it’s the moment I remember feeling a shift from being a person with a guitar to feeling like an artist with uniqueness and stories to tell. This song holds such a special place in my heart, I hope it makes you feel at home ! KR Written by: Kathleen Regan + Jon Aanestad

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