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Yo Soy Dios

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Catalog certified

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YO SOY DIOS (I AM GOD) - According to the Book of Enoch, the fallen angel by the name of Kasbeel rebelled against God after witnessing his self crowning. The non - binary angel was the guardian of Beka, the secret oath with a numerical value of 22. After the oath was revealed, Kasbeel was ousted from the heavens. Judged as an outcast for all eternity. Until now. Initially, “Yo Soy Dios” is a song that I personally wanted to be an expression against bullying. I found myself in situations in which people have bullied me because of my skin color, or what they assume are my sexual preferences. And I wrote this song as a form of expression for myself and hopefully for other people, understanding that personal acceptance is very important, but it is a very hard process for each person to go through. It's a song about empowerment and believing in yourself!
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January 14, 2022

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