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Jon Waltz
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(2019) I wanna say we made this in LA in 2018 but... not sure. What I am sure of is the fact that this song and the album that accompanied it was made at the crossroads for me. There were a lot of decisions I needed to make and whether I was going to do the work and really go for a career in music was one of them. "Payday" was made with no patience and with the last ounce of my faith. "Payday" was me coming to terms with the music industry and the dissonant feeling I felt towards it. "Payday" was me coming to the realization that this shit was gonna have to be me and my people busting our asses in order to be seen, heard, felt, and regardless of the outcome, nobody was gonna feel sorry or come to the rescue and it was up to us to figure it out... And in a strange way, it felt kind've empowering to know that.
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January 11, 2022

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