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and so it's so.

Iman Europe

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over the years, i’ve realized how powerful words are— how they cause life to shift and set the tone of our expectations. i paid attention to how just by speaking of good, good would come. and that has caused me to be a lot more intentional with the words that i say. i wrote “and so it’s so” the first day i attended NFT NYC before i even left the house. before i even met my NFT tribe. i was nervous to be stepping into this new space. wasn’t really sure of what to expect, but something told me i could expect something wonderful. and that’s exactly what that day was. love in it’s purest form. abundant creativity. i was surrounded by black, brilliant, soon-to-be billionaires. but more than that, they felt like family. they felt like answered prayers for supportive community. so i figured, what better way to begin my NFT journey than with the song that set the tone for such an amazing beginning? this photo was taken by Latasha, who is a trailblazer in this space and has been such an inspiration to my NFT journey. she caught me mid-happiness. i love this shot so much. this song was produced by Kaelin Ellis, who literally makes audible magic. i call him the wizard. and this song was written and performed by me, Iman Europe, who i think is just the greatest (: , and recorded and engineered by the sound doctor, Matt Cody. since this record is all about affirmation, the winner of this NFT will also receive a signed copy of my self-published affirmation book, “Nami Says”, along with a framed copy of the lyrics + a handwritten note. i wish the winner of this NFT many wonderful days, peace, and unfathomable abundance. and so it’s so. lyrics: wake up in a new day with sensation. let go of my yesterday frustrations. ‘cause all of my lessons, they turn into my blessings with more patience. so i’m proclaiming, / that this day is gonna be wonderful. i said it, and so it’s so. and so it’s so. this day is gonna be wonderful. i said it. and so it’s so. and so it’s so. / ‘cause i know my words, they come with worth, they come with power. so i speak of substance, and i say abundance, it is ours. and i say that justice services me right. i know there’s protection on my life. peace. i allow it./ yeah this day is gonna be wonderful. i said it, and so it’s so. and so it’s so. my day is gonna be wonderful. i said it. and so it’s so. and so it’s so. / i’m holding onto my light. all things on purpose, it’s all aligning for me. i know abundance is mine.
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November 19, 2021

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