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Repeat After Me (Intro)

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This is my first meditation record and it features my calming root chakra singing bowl, ethereal vocals and affirmations. This meditation was inspired by the abundance of love present in my family & I feel that these affirmations help me feel that love. This meditation is a great tool to add to your wellness kit. As I approach a year of being in the web3 and NFT space it feels right to make my genesis Catalog piece be connected to Affirmations. Find a quiet place, close your eyes and Repeat After Me :) I radiate love I receive love with open arms My capacity for love is infinite I am worthy of the love I give The love I seek starts within me I receive my blessings with open arms I am ready for my abundance I am blessed My life is a gift I am a magnet for success I am grateful Everything that I need is within me I start and end my days with gratitude My mind is clear My body is at ease I am kind to myself I am free I am loved eternally I’ve got everything I need Written by: @iambyhaze Produced by: @praiseproda Artwork by: @patchworkpaolo
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November 23, 2022
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