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Fly & Free

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In response to the tragedies that have consumed 2020, I wrote "Fly & Free" and invited my friend Eboni to be part of the track. The lyrics encourage confidence as we spoke life into ourselves and affirm our divine connection to God. I coined the term "Fly & Free" while free-styling at a rehearsal in 2018. In November 2019 I teamed with my friends Larce & Proda and pulled a sample from a video of that rehearsal and transformed it into a fire beat that eventually became Fly & Free. Featuring Eboni Pearce Produced by Kyleel "Proda" Rolle & Larce Blake Lyrics Intro You See a Fly like this is genetic Never forget it Peep the aesthetic I already told y’all that I’m magnetic I know where I’m from so I know where I’m headed I balance the masculine with the feminine Skin brown like cocoa cinnamon I’m a sweet & spicy militant You see my victory is imminent I WON Marching in place you walk I run Wondering how I get all this done I’m a lightbeam the stars the sun ayeeee Yes I’m a vibe and yes Black is King Glock on the side I might make it sing so... Chorus: Fly and I’m free And I do I cause I’m fly & I’m free See I do it cause I’m fly and free Yes I do I cause I’m fly and I’m free ayyе Eboni Verse: Slow down I told you I was comin' Go get my platе Now tell me whats funny When you're out here late No thought No plans When your shit hits the fan I don't need nobody to say what's good for me connect myself to source something that don't come forced to bring me down I've come around from where I've been before Yes black is king I'm fly Im free cause black is king Chorus: Fly and I’m free Yes I do I cause I’m fly & I’m free See I do it cause I’m fly and free Yes I do I cause I’m fly and I’m free ayye Byhaze Verse 2: My shadow work got me feeling lighter And Now my aura shining a bit brighter I took a look in the mirror & now my vision is clearer and I could spread my wings a bit wider Now I consciously Honor thee Yeah my ancestors they walk with me Dug deep til I found the God in me Teamwork chat about camaraderie Slooow Down Chorus: And I’m free Wanna do it I cause I’m fly & I’m free See I do it cause I’m fly and free Do it cause I’m flyyyyyyyyyyy
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November 24, 2022
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