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Cover art for HOUNDTRACK's song: Recharged (feat. Blueout)

Recharged (feat. Blueout)


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An escape from death on a foreign planet while running through a collapsing cave. Blueout and I met on Discord and bonded over a shared love for granular synthesis and fucked up sound design. He's an Italy-based producer and I live in California so our collaboration was fully internet-driven. We sent each other the Ableton project back and forth, mangling each other's additions and sharing new sonic experiments along the way. This is the seventh song on my album Last Chance At Life. Each song is part of a larger story in which three friends leave a ravaged Earth behind in search of a new planet. On 'Recharged' the crew runs through a cave they're exploring, dodging stalactites that fall from above. Soon the cave’s walls began collapsing around them and they must sprint for their survival. To read the full story, go here: Each song on the Last Chance At Life album has its own artwork created by Leonardo Silva (@itwasleo on socials) and mastered by Lukas Turza of Snap Mastering.
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May 9, 2022
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