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Isla Gorgona


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I made this song because music is my means of expression, it's the way I transmute my pain. Gorgon Island is one of the most preserved places on the planet, a temple for whales, dolphins, turtles and more. Many years ago, one of the cruelest prisons was located there, but thanks to the local communities, volunteers and scientists, the island recovered. Today Gorgona Island is in danger again, and this is my cry for help for this magical place. My art is my catharsis. I made an article, with real videos and images, for you to understand what is about to happen on Gorgona Island: LYRICS: I'm going to tell you a story that seems fiction, but it's anecdote, broke me in half, They want to make a military base, in one of the most preserved places on the planet. What's in those heads? It's obvious, no logic. it looks like their shit It's not even organic, 50 years at war it seems won´t be enough, my heart is not the only thing they want to drill. Let's see who will be able to breathe with no coral reefs The ANLA (National Authority for Environmental Licenses) granting an environmental license, what a novelty, a December 31, who was supposed to find out? what had been recovered they want to bleed out again. I have a chest pain, it doesn´t let me sleep, I owe everything, everything, everything, everything to you, I would like to take care of you and heal with you, not having to cry you, lose myself in your ways.
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January 20, 2023
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