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Fold Proof

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“Fold Proof” is about overcoming adversity and being triumphant even when all else fails. The photograph used in the cover art was from NFT NYC in November 2021 and was the night I got word that my uncle had passed the night prior & was buried the day of my performance. Already having gone thru a lot of adversity (in life in general & leading up to that point), my experience at NFT NYC was filled with love & support from my new found community. It was all surreal and kept me in a positive headspace the entire trip. As I celebrate one year in Web3, I wanted to make this release special and take it back to when my community became family. Wouldn’t be here without the folks who believed in me, made me feel heard + seen, and really embraced me. I want to dedicate this record to my late uncle but also hope this record resonates with folks everywhere who know that giving up is never the option (even when it feels like the easiest thing to do). I'm here to motivate, uplift, and inspire my community in the hopes that we can all help the next person out. Credits Written & Performed by Heno. Produced by J.Robb Mixed & Mastered by Jose "Soberseas" Soberanes Cover Art by Wesley Flores
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April 13, 2022

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