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Escape Velocity

Harrison First
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Catalog certified

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Escape Velocity is a track I produced mixed and mastered. I spent a couple days working on the production of the instrumental because to me, this is fine art. At my core I am a music producer and beat sculpture before I am a DJ, Songwriter, or Artist. I care deeply about the work I produce because this is one of my sources of energy in life, and I hope it does the same for others. Currently I am inspired to make music production fine art and hopefully all producers can start receiving the respect they deserve for their production. Escape Velocity has so many messages behind it that it only made sense for me to capture this work and coin it with the phrase. The collector of this piece will have full rights and ownership of this instrumental and will be transferred over the day this art is collected. You will have to send me your email address for this to happen.
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August 9, 2022
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