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Someone New


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This is my first ever piece of original music for the world to hear. This is me announcing myself to the world that I have arrived. This is me embracing who I have always felt I was. It's a familiar feeling.... but I'm Someone New. I wrote this song out in a shipping container turned into a cabin by an organization known as CabinDAO. It's where I truly started feeling like an artist first, rather than the various other titles I had associated with my identity. I was graciously gifted a month at the Cabin along with 4 other creators to work on our personal craft, and this is the feeling that came out of me. The song got started 2 or 3 days into my stay at the cabin where I felt this enormous wave of energy take over me. I quickly laid out the barebones of the track and started singing what my soul was feeling. It was only later when I put words to it I realized the feeling I was verbalizing through song, was that of a change in how I thought about myself. Despite having an EP ready to release to the world, I think this song feels like it should come first. It's how I feel now. It also better sets up the story of how I got here which I hope to tell soon. Shoutout to @songcamp_, @matthewchaim, @markredito, and @creatorcabins. I wouldn't be here without you and your support in all things web 3. And of course my best friends George and Eric without whose support I would never have released any music. Artwork by the immensely talented @ive77i Picture taken at the cabin by @etiennefd during a beautiful thunderstorm. I've split a portion of this record with @creatorcabins to show my appreciation for the time they gave me and to allow other creators to get the same opportunity.
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October 25, 2021
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