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parasol - Oh My



I started writing "The Love Umbrella" over a year ago while I was head over heels for a really awesome person. I made 40+ songs before narrowing it down to what became my debut album releasing on October 15th. I don't want those that got cut to collect dust - they are some of my favorite songs I've ever made. "Parasol" is a collection of unreleased records I wrote for the album that didn't fit in the final sequencing. Think of it like parts of an extended film. Oh My is the second drop in this series and lyrically it's one of my favorites. The owner of this NFT will receive: - the .wav audio file - the .jpeg photo file - access to The Love Umbrella pre-release album live stream on October 13th - access to my token gated archive of demos and upcoming releases - VIP +1 tickets to one Grady headline show This also marks my first step into tokenized music. I've become immersed in the web3 world and look forward to exploring new creative mediums to share my music with a crypto-native audience. Thank you for supporting this and stay tuned for more projects coming very soon.

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October 11, 2021
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