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Cover art for Gavin Gamboa's song: Polia & Blastema • Suite

Polia & Blastema • Suite

Gavin Gamboa


Polia & Blastema, the new cinematic opera from filmmaker E. Elias Merhige (Begotten, Shadow of the Vampire) and visual artist David Wexler (LOOOP) starring Nina McNeely, Jasmine Albuquerque and featuring vocalists Micaela Tobin (White Boy Scream) and Sharon Chohi Kim (The Industry), is a gnostic creation myth told through a hallucinating tapestry which journeys into immensely desolate landscapes … what Eugene Thacker calls the "world-without-us" … while the supracosmic entities Polia and Blastema fold back onto themselves in ever-spiraling, fractally superimposing cataclysms of wormhole network (be)longing. "Bold. There is no one left exploring new imagery and new sound so radically." Werner Herzog "Mindblowingly beautiful. Pure seeing and wonder … otherworldiness magic." Willem Dafoe "Like the long shriek of nature." Tom Gunning "My brain went in a thousand directions, blasted by its cosmic radiations." François Girard This 1/1 NFT special edition Suite from Polia & Blastema is a presentation of various sections of the chamber opera score that is unique from the film soundtrack, minted in anticipation of the World Premiere at Opera Philadelphia's FESTIVAL O22 on September 30th 2022. Auction Winner will receive: • a PDF of the full score & libretto • a special thank you credit in a to-be-announced published physical recording • equal distribution of their winning bid dispersed among the creative team & musicians who made this recording possible Presented by Century Guild Creative Strangeloop Studios The Teaching Machine Polia & Blastema a cosmic opera Featuring Nina McNeely Jasmine Albuquerque Libretto & Direction E. Elias Merhige Creative Direction & Visual Effects Supervisor David Wexler Composer & Sound Design Gavin Gamboa Singing & Vocal Improvisations Micaela Tobin Sharon Chohi Kim Musicians Gerardo Hilera Ina Veli Erik Rynearson John Krovoza Thomas Harte Studio Session Supervisor Ali Helnwein Vocal Recording Engineer Harlan Steinberger

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September 27, 2022
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