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Cover art for Gavin Gamboa's song: Fair Are The Blossoming Meads Of Delight • with Genus Inkasso

Fair Are The Blossoming Meads Of Delight • with Genus Inkasso

Gavin Gamboa


A split track release in the spirit of the 7" inch vinyl collaborative format, 'Fair Are The Blossoming Meads Of Delight' begins with a new offering from experimental producer Genus Inkasso (Berlin) calibrating his open-source toolkit which pounds out a distinctive polystylistic sound-form of the underground, which is then followed by effervescent dreamcasts and soundscapes of cosmic drift and asymmetric klang by composer Gavin Gamboa (Los Angeles), realized on a modular synth … the two musicians co-creating jointly on a piece of music for the first time. Active since 2009, Genus Inkasso has evolved a style into something that defies genre labels and is not easily namable. In tracks profuse with scapes and collages, you can find hints from a good dozen subcultures, the sum of which exists beyond those very subcultures. This is the defining element of the German-born Berlin-based producer's works: the push and pull of styles, leading to their own unmistakable and raw sound. Fair Are The Blossoming Meads Of Delight (2022) Genus Inkasso • Side A Gavin Gamboa • Side B Artwork: The Zodical Light by E. L. Trouvelot & ASCII Text Art by h0p3

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January 30, 2022
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