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Cover art for Gavin Gamboa's song: Different Frequencies

Different Frequencies

Gavin Gamboa


A distillation of permeable vocaloid substrata and bizarreified clavier, swinging with the wistful acceptance that the immeasurable intensity of the UNKNOWABLE, when translated (partially and with artifacts) into an earthly vessel's reality tunnel, is merely a method of momentary suspension over that vastness, in which FORMS flow out like invented conversations where thought and feeling become supercondensed into a prismatic solidity of the present (sound~waves brought forth through extremities and oxygenated internalities as if by chance). Piano, Vocals, and Processing: Gavin Gamboa Sung Text: Hillel Schwartz (deletions of ‘Making Noise’) Artwork: Ivan Gamboa

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January 24, 2022
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