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Cover art for Foad Moradi's song: Tarze Rustam

Tarze Rustam

Foad Moradi


Rustam, a valiant warrior hailing from Sistan, Iran, is a central figure in ancient Persian texts. In the realm of Persian mythology, Rustam's Seven Labours hold great significance. His fourth labour entails a confrontation with a formidable witch. During this task, Rustam stumbled upon a delectable feast beneath the sheltering branches of a tree, where he began playing the Tanbour. In the course of his melody, he encountered a captivating lady. However, as soon as he commenced a sacred composition known as Tarze Rustam or Rustam's Maqam on the Tanbour, the enchanting lady transformed into a malevolent witch. Unable to endure the sacred resonance of the Tanbour and Rustam's Maqam, she underwent this ominous metamorphosis. The subsequent piece is a rendition of this ancient mode—the Rustam's Maqam or Tarze Rustam.

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December 11, 2023
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