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Cover art for Foad Moradi's song: Swar Swar

Swar Swar

Foad Moradi


The Horse's Rhythm: A Musical Exploration Introduction: The Horse's Influence Across Cultures The horse, a symbol of strength and freedom, holds a special place in human imagination. It features prominently in ancient rituals, like those of the Middle Eastern shaman Zahhak, who was called Bewar-Asp, meaning the owner of ten thousand horses. This creature's spirit has inspired musicians worldwide. Musical Tributes to Horses: From Shamanic Beats to Guitar Strings Musicians globally have crafted melodies mirroring the horse's movements. Yakut shamans and Turkmans use the Jaw-Harp to create rhythmic tunes resembling the galloping of horses. In Argentina, Fernando Bustamente's composition "Misionera" on the guitar pays homage to this majestic animal, capturing its energy through music. Kurdish Tanbour Melody: "Swar Swar" The Kurdish Tanbour repertoire features "Swar Swar," a composition depicting the horse's gallop. This piece, once part of traditional instruments like Ney and Sorna, now resonates on the Tanbour. Its varying tempos echo the thunderous hooves and the wind's whisper, celebrating the horse's boundless spirit. My Musical Tribute: Inspired by Maestro Ali Akbar Moradi Inspired by Maestro Ali Akbar Moradi's narration, I present a minimal performance that captures the essence of the horse's rhythm. Through this music, I invite you to experience the timeless connection between humanity and horses, celebrating the beauty and vitality of this incredible creature.

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November 2, 2023
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