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Cover art for Foad Moradi's song: Do-Wale


Foad Moradi


"Do-Wale" is a musical maqam that beautifully tells the romantic legends of the East, like the stories of Khosrow and Shirin, and Leili and Majnoon, similar to the Western Romeo and Juliet. The name "Do-Wale" means "Two Lunatic Lovers," aptly reflecting the intense and deep love depicted in these stories. This maqam shares a connection with the waltz, both in rhythm and in meaning. It features three-beat rhythms, usually in 3/8 and 5/8 time signatures, symbolizing the passionate and sometimes overwhelming whirl of love. The maqam also has rhythmless parts, adding a timeless and boundless quality to its expression of love. A unique aspect of Do-Wale is its use of phrases from the "Sahari" (Dawn) maqam. This might suggest a comparison between love and the early morning or dawn, indicating that love, like the dawn, is awakening and rejuvenating. The combination of Do-Wale with elements of the Sahari maqam enriches its narrative, showing love as both a passionate whirlwind and an awakening force. This quality makes the Do-Wale maqam a fascinating and universal musical symbol of the power of love. Based on the epic and romantic essence of the Do-Wale maqam, I have composed a solo guitar piece. You can listen to it at this link:

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December 7, 2023
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