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White Elephant ft. Illa J

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"White Elephant" was written by FINKEL on Mackinac Island, Michigan in January 2021 while writing their album "Islanders". The duo visited one of the woodland-hideouts that Jane and her friends frequented as teens, coined "White Elephant". White Elephant is a fallen, uprooted tree, deep in the Mackinac woods and acted as a secret hang out spot. Its roots (pictured in the album art) run much deeper than what is exposed. Similar to the kind of friendships that start at a young age, the roots are never truly separated from the soil. Everyone always comes back. The duo wrote the song to capture the feeling of revisiting the familiar wooded landscape of their youth, with the same friends who have been enjoying it for decades. FINKEL wanted to further articulate this connective tissue by bringing in Michigan-native, Illa J, to talk about his spot when he was growing up in Detroit. FINKEL have been fans of Illa J's for years, so getting to tell this story with his help was an incredible full-circle moment. "White Elephant" was produced by Josh Stadlen, mixed by Khushi, and mastered by Dale Becker. Additional Perks For The Collector: ⁃ Invitation to FINKEL’s private listening party for their album “Islanders” at their studio in East Hollywood, California. - 1 vinyl of “Islanders” (Delivery of vinyl is TBD based on manufacturing timeline) - Free entry to 1 FINKEL concert of your choice (no expiration) ⁃ A hug when we meet you in person
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March 1, 2022

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