Frequently Asked Questions



What is Catalog?

Catalog is a space to collect, trade, and listen to one-of-one digital records — artist-certified, provably authentic works. Artists receive 100% on their initial sale, and also set a percentage fee up front that they'll receive on every resale. Fans can trust what they’re buying is genuine because we verify every artist. Catalog records remain available and intact on the blockchain, even if our platform goes away.

What’s a Catalog record?

Think of a Catalog record as a song, its history, and the artist’s autograph, all wrapped into one conveniently indestructible package. These records are provably authentic using a signed certificate called a non-fungible token, or NFT. More specifically, a Zora NFT. NFTs let us verifiably trace music back to the artist. On top of being a priceless collectors item, buying a Catalog record is the biggest cosign another artist can give, the most immediate patronage a fan can offer, and a key to anything the creator (or anyone else) might provide for its holder. Records by default do not include ownership of publishing or IP.

What’s a creator share?

The artist chooses an creator share from 0-100% when they press a record. This is a percentage that goes back to the artist every time their record is resold. Instantly. Automatically. Forever.

What’s a slice?

When a listener makes an offer on a record, they may include a slice (0-100%). Think of the slice as a bidder telling a record owner, “If you accept my offer, when I sell this record, you’ll get a cut.” The slice can sweeten the deal for a record owner – especially if the bidder has a history of reputable and tasteful curation – as they may sell the record for higher than average later on. When the record is resold, the slice automatically goes to the previous owner.

I'm an artist - how do I press a Catalog record?

To start, we're curating small collections that reflect diversity of sound, audience, identity, and taste. Soon, we’ll give artist communities the tools to create/curate their own collections, eventually making digital record pressing available to as many music makers as we can support. If you're interested, drop your info on our artist form.

Can artists press multiple editions of the same record on Catalog?

We only support original one-of-ones, not multiple editions of the same work.

Have more questions?

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