Frequently Asked Questions



What is Catalog?

Catalog is a record press, an auction house, and an open music library. We're reimagining how artists share, distribute, and capture the value around their music using single edition digital records. Catalog records are unique, one-of-one tokens that exist on the internet forever, beyond the limits of our platform, and represent the canonical version of an artists’ work online. Artists receive 100% when they sell their record, and also set a creator share that they'll receive whenever their record is resold. Fans can trust what they're buying is genuine because we verify every artist.

What’s a Catalog record?

Catalog records are a new ownership format for music on the internet. You can think of a Catalog record as the original internet master of a song, that song's ownership history, and the artist’s autograph, all wrapped into a programmable, indestructible package. Each record is a blank canvas that creates a direct, platformless tie between an artist and their fans. A record might unlock anything from Discord channel access to publishing rights. It also doesn’t need to enable anything. It’s form and function is malleable and the possibilities will grow and evolve over time.

What’s a creator share?

Artists set a creator share before they press a record. The creator share is a percentage value that goes back to the artist every time their record is resold. Even if Catalog goes away, artists will continue to collect their creator share.
Instantly. Automatically. Forever.

How does bidding/offering work?

Every record has an open offer book that travels with it for its lifetime. Additionally, artists and record owners have the option to set a price, or create a timed auction. Setting a price allows anybody to purchase your record instantly. People will still be able to make offers on your record. A timed auction lasts for 24 hours (once the reserve price has been met). Within the 24-hour auction window, collectors can bid on your record. Each bid is required to be 5% higher than the previous bid placed. If a bid is placed within the last 15 minutes of an auction, the countdown will reset back 15 minutes. This 15 minute reset window can continue as many times as necessary until the auction has finished. The highest bidder at the end will take home your record. After the timer has expired, anybody can "settle" the auction by sending a transaction to finalize the exchange.

What’s a slice?

When a listener makes an offer on a record, they may include a slice (0-100%). Think of the slice as a bidder telling a record owner, “If you accept my offer, when I sell this record, you’ll get a cut.” The slice can sweeten the deal for a record owner – especially if the bidder has a history of reputable and tasteful curation – as they may sell the record for higher than average later on. When the record is resold, the slice automatically goes to the previous owner.

I'm an artist - how do I press a Catalog record?

To start, we're hand picking artists that reflect diversity of sound, audience, identity, and taste. Soon, we’ll give artist communities the tools to create and curate their own spaces, eventually making digital record pressing available to as many music makers as we can support. If you're interested, drop your info on our artist form.

Have more questions?

Check out our knowledge base and pop in our Discord server with any inquiries.