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Cover art for Elujay's song: Tentoes




Excited to be back minting my 2nd record on catalog. 'Tentoes' Is a unreleased self produced record that touches on the time period during the 2020 pandemic summer when the only way to link up with your homies in Oakland was outside at the Lake Merritt. A laid back 90's inspired Rnb record that has a hyphy bass line, the song takes you on a joyride through the town. This record was also a song that didn't make my debut album 'Circmvnt.' The collector will receive this unreleased song along with a self designed Digital art nft, (which is the artwork itself). Once a final reserve price is met, the PFP that is on ZORA will be airdropped directly to the buyer.

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March 17, 2022
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