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Cover art for DYZTOPIAN's song: Dyztopian




Bombs fell and fires raged, leaving only ashes of silence. Dyz Topian emerges from an underground bunker into a post-apocalyptic world armed with nothing but dark, industrial techno beats. He roams the desolate wastelands, bringing music, news, and a sliver of hope to the isolated survivors. But the agents of the ruthless Federation, a dystopian faction ruling over the remnants of humanity, want Dyz dead. They know his music and message of hope will spark an uprising, threatening their hold over the few remaining resources in this devastated world. As the battle between the Federation and the survivors intensifies, the music and message spread by Dyz becomes more powerful than he ever imagined. Join Dyz Topian on an epic adventure through a world of danger and discovery, as he uses the power of dark techno music to unite the survivors against the Federation. The future is Dyz Topian.

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March 25, 2023
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