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Produced by Dutchyyy Album: The Uproot Backstory: Created in November of 2012 in my San Pedro apartment that overlooked the Port of Los Angeles. My homie and fellow producer Eroda was over at the crib and wanted to help keep my mind and spirit occupied by challenging me to a beat battle....     only he didn't want us to flip the same sample,  just wanted us to both go into headphones and start and finish a beat from scratch and see who finishes first.... He was very conscious of how sad I was having to kick out my ex (again) which is why he came over to keep me company, what wasn't conscious of at the time was the little well intentioned distraction he attempted create turned into one of the most hyper focused, super intentionally not distracted from my emotions or the situation sessions I would have up until that point.   Long Story Short....  I used that time to express and cope and work through not being able to understand why the person I moved across the country for and treated better than anyone else in the world, kept doing super dark sh*t hahaha (this on and off saga would continue for 2 more years after this, which wasn't great for my soul or spirit but I made sure every bit of friendly fire I received during that time was channeled and time stamped into artistic expression) A lil background/context... My ex was 100% Navajo.....  I think that's all the context I need to divulge to better understand the music attached. The concept is in the title of the song......   I will let you dig for more context around what  the "YEBICHAI SWEAT" ritual is but in terms of the song.....   The first half of the song I envisioned my ex or myself even, pre-ritual energy......    The second half of the song is meant to be post Ritual Energy,  The healing ARC.......           The song didn't exactly fix anything in her or my life IRL... but man, talk about the healing powers of music....  Getting Lost in the process of consciously executing my vision and working through those emotions in real time definitely felt cathartic and therapeutic at the time..... I finished the track, smirked....  turned around and asked Eroda,  "you finished yet?"  he said "not even close, don't tell me you finished already?!"  I smirked and asked if he would like to wait until he's finished with his track before hearing mine.....     He said no,  lemme hear what you did.......          I told him that everything you hear outside of the drums will be from the sample I let ride in the intro and outro of the track.....        Pressed Play...    watched in real time as his jaw dropped....     The track ended and he immediately powered off his laptop hahaha.   I told him the concept and inspiration for the track and he said "I could tell, but the whole point of this was to get your mind off her" and laughed....      I told him, distractions are appreciated but if you sit me at my magic music musician while I'm going through unresolved feelings,  the first thing my instincts will shout out to me is......  Time to process and work through it.... and thus.... YEBICHAI SWEAT was born. BONUS CONTEXT: You see the date this song was created right?  This was well before I even began working on "The Uproot"....          When I was in Upstate NY working on The Uproot and Traversal and decided to release the 2 HR tape of loose tracks created during my 2012 - 2014 Los Angeles arc "Chill Gawd, Chill"...    I had a hard time not putting this song on "Chill Gawd, Chill" because it was created during that time period....   but the context of the song itself was how "The Uproot" album was even born, so I made an exception.....          This choice had a domino effect that would cause me to pull 4 songs meant for "The Uproot" and place them on "Chill Gawd, Chill" a Decision I immediately regretted that would cause more dominos to fall until the point I held off releasing "The Uproot" too long and eventually losing the Laptop that  had all the finalized and much better sounded versions of the songs that exist on the demo version..... The More You Know....(insert rainbow and star emojis)

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