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"WRMRAIN" Produced by: Dutchyyy Album: "Blue Screen of Deaf" Track: 05 Released: September 10th, 2012 From Original Sample by @AhmedSirour ------------------------- Blue Screen of Deaf - Backstory: In the great hard drive crash of 2011, A very irresponsible Dutchy lost all the music created that year. The only thing that existed from that era was all the unfinished versions found on scratched burned cd's for "the car tests" ; these are the files that have been recovered. Fast Forward to Spring of 2012,  After months of planning and saying goodbye to friends and family in the place I called home (Tampa Bay) since I was a child.  I took the leap and decided to move to Los Angeles after taking what was supposed to be a 4-6 month long contract teaching at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.  Unfortunately, we taught them too well & too fast and the contract was cut short, only lasting a few weeks.  I was already committed to making Los Angeles my home but now I was limited on funds, and about to lose the hotel I was supposed to be at for months while searching for apartments, but As fate would have it,  I was about to get a life raft.  After jokingly posting on Facebook,  "I'm hungry, someone bring me some food".   Someone commented, "You're in Los Angeles?  I'm a huge fan of your music and my family owns a restaurant".  It was my day off, so I commented. "Come Scoop" jokingly, not realizing he would want to follow through.   Long Story Short,  We became good friends and that night would change the course of my life.  Meeting multiple strangers who became best friends. When the contract ended.  My new friend (Anthony) allowed me to stay with him while I searched for a place to move into.   During this time, I taught him and a few of his friends (who are now my close friends) how to use FL Studio.  He was a huge fan of my music,  so I played him a bunch of unreleased music I never planned on releasing.  He lost his mind when I was adamant about never releasing the music I was playing him.   What he didn't know was a few months prior on Xmas night 2011,  My Laptop filled with my upcoming Dutchmassive album titled "Romanticizing" along with every beat I made from 2008-xmas 2011 was lost when hard drive got corrupted and dealt me the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death.  I didn't have any of it backed up on extra hard drives.  All that remained from 2008-2011 was the crappy first draft versions I burned to CD's for "The Car Test" and well,  I didn't take care of those either so they all had scratches and were sun damaged.  So the things I was playing him,  where unfinalized early versions of songs that I know became so much greater than the versions I was left with.  He wouldn't take no for an answer and eventually offered to pay my 1st month's rent and my security deposit if I swallowed my pride and uploaded the few early versions I salvaged to bandcamp. He didn't want any profits from it, he just wanted those songs to exist online and be heard by the public. I agreed and moved into my new apartment a few miles down the road from him in May 2012, and Released the album In September 2012. "WRM RAIN" - Backstory: This track samples "Warm Rain" by Ahmed Sirour.  It was from his EP "The After 2am Sessions" was originally released May 5th 2011.   The version of "WRMRAIN" that exists was not the final version,  I feel like I need to disclaimer that for pride sake haha.  The Final Version like, everything else on the album was lost when Laptop Crashed, and the only version I had was the 1st test bounce I burned to CD for the car test. Ahmed's EP came into my life at one of the most turbulent times,  and It spoke to me like no album had prior.   Every Melody, Harmony, Chord felt so familiar,  Like language from my soul I didn't know how to communicate myself.   I remember vividly being out of town, working the nightshift in the E.R. of a Hospital in Pittsburg and all the computers were down, and they were so busy and so angry and blaming us (The ones teaching them how to chart on the computer) and they were super Harsh about it.  I managed to escape for lunch, and made my way to the roof of the hospital in anticipation of my phone blowing up at Midnight for my 30th birthday (May 23rd).  I sat up there in silence, til about 12:45 and my phone never rang.  This was the first time in my adult life,  loved ones didn't call me at midnight to wish me a happy birthday,  So on top of everything else going on,  I broke down crying up there.   I put on headphones and hit shuffle and Ahmed Sirour "Warm Rain" came on.  It was like instant healing.  The Cleansing of the soul.   As soon as I returned back to Tampa,  I immediately loaded it up and flipped it,  which was fitting, because it was summer, and it was raining while I worked on it with the sliding glass door wide open.  I really wish I still had access to the finalized,  fully sequenced and mixed version,  but I'm thankful that any version still existed at all because it allows me to time travel and transport myself into memories I probably wouldn't ever recall without.   You can listen to Ahmed Sirour's album here: (The Original EP was deleted a while back but all the songs from it exist on the LP version which was released a little over a year later) Ahmed was the 1st Artist I reached out to Onboard to Catalog when I was given the opportunity to become a Curator for Catalog for Cycle 2.  This is a 50/50% split with Ahmed Siour

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