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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Walk In Your Shoes

Walk In Your Shoes



Produced by: Dutchyyy Track: Walk In Your Shoes Album: Traversal (Cassette Version) Released: December 2nd, 2016 Artwork & Layout by: Chris Hund (Paxico Records) Traversal Logo by: Dutch Cassette Version: BACKSTORY: Created January 2015 at Sam's Point Preserve in Upstate New York. Originally created for the House Shoes Flip Sessions #3 sample challenge. It was the last night of the deadline and I was watching TV with my pops in the living room when a friend called to ask if I had submitted a flip yet. I told him that I forgot all about it and it's probably too late to start anything and I was busy chilling with my pops. He called B.S. and said he knew I could flip it before the deadline in a few hours, so I asked my pops if he minded if I hijacked the living room and HDMI connect my laptop to the TV and my interface to the stereo and asked if would want to see me work in real time from scratch under pressure at the deadline... He reluctantly agreed, So I quickly set it up..... Was super Lazy with the drums, and focused on chopping the sample beyond recognition and turning it into an instrument.... My pops watched me until the deadline at midnight, when he said "have fun, good luck, i'm going to bed now, don't worry about turning the volume down"... I ended up missing the midnight deadline which I purposely missed because I wanted to add another change up at the end..... Wouldn't have been a Dutchyyy beat without Traversing the emotions and switching from tense and turmoil to a sonic victory lap. Added some slight drum accents. Uploaded my flip late to soundcloud even though I really wanted to put more work in the drums and was disqualified for being late (again) haha.... When I was approached to released "Traversal" on Cassette in 2016, I knew the digital version would fit under 90 minutes and I didn't want to drop another 120 minute tape back to back, So I cut certain songs from the digital version and added songs I originally wanted to put on the album and took advantage of being able to resequence the album from start to finish the way I originally envisioned it. I did try to go back into this session and swap out the drums, but the hard drive that session existed on was stuck in a different state, so I just let the original ride out.... and thus, Walk In Your Shoes was born. TRAVERSAL

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