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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Untitled in April (f/ Vik)

Untitled in April (f/ Vik)



"Untitled in April" Produced by: Dutchyyy, Vik Album: "Chill Gawd, Chill" Track: 10 Released: Feb 5th, 2015 ------------------- Backstory: One night, while scrolling through tumblr, alone in my Los Angeles apartment, on a random impulse I ended up sending a message to Vik (fka Viktor Stone / Vktrstn) who was the founder of  the infamous #AstralBasement Collective (one of the 1st "Lofi-HipHop" Collectives.   We knew of each other but hadn't spoken up to this point.  If I remember correctly, I think my message just said "Send me some drums to lay Chops Over" and gave him my email.     A few hours later [Mon, Mar 25, 2013, 12:56 AM] I got an email titled "$$$$$$$$" with no words, just a file attached named "Drums4dutchy.wav".  About a week passed, between spending time with my GF and working I didn't have a chance to load the drums up, I honestly Didn't see the email until a week later when I reminded him not to forget to send me drums and he told me he already sent them a few hours after I originally asked for them.  I loaded them into Ableton as soon as I got home from work around 9:30pm, and uploaded my quick flip to soundcloud a few hours later just before the stroke of midnight. The Next Day, Vik invited me to join #AstralBasement A few months later, we dropped the Compilation: Vol. 1.5: Pre-Explorations and began working on 2.0...     but all good things must come to end.  And like most collectives that existed during that Golden Era of Soundcloud, everyone went their separate ways for the usual reasons most crews, groups and collectives do.   I still have all the unreleased songs from 2.0 on an old hard drive and it still holds up to this day. Fast Forward, to winter 2014 while in the attic of the house I was living in at Sam's Point Nature Preserve in New York.  While brainstorming and organizing my next official release "Chill Gawd, Chill" (The 120 minute Cassette) I decided to revisit that Session to remove the intro and extend the beat with some slight change ups. A few months Later, The 2 Hour Tape was released and thus "Untitled in April" was born. You can find more of Vik's music here: Peace to Astral Basement and quick flips to start the month of April. PeacePeace. - Dutchyyy ***While we all know that "Music is the Utility" the Collector of this 1/1 will receive one of my personal copies of the sold out final pressing of the 120 minute "Chill Gawd, Chill" Cassette Tape and a box of Authentic (Original) Satyary a "Nag Champa" Incense (100 grams) , From Bengaluru, India w/ the Custom "Chill Gawd, Chill" Sticker on it.***

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