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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Unfinished Hugs

Unfinished Hugs



Produced By Dutchyyy Backstory: Created October 4th 2018 in Tampa Bay, FL during my "Hug.Wrm" collective Era. The night before flying out of state to work a month long hospital contract, I decided to go into our Hug.wrm collab dropbox and downloaded some chops from fellow producer "IndescribableINDY" and the .WAV into Ableton Live and set an HR timer since I still needed to pack for my flight. I rushed around programming drums I intended to replace, chopped the chops up more, hooked up my Ableton Push to control Midi, and did a few quick 1st takes, Playing Keys, Synths and Bass and then decided I should record the rest of the session as a live bounce into the Tascam 4 track Cassette recorder I was borrowing. The rest of this process was different from my usual methods due to the timer having less than 15 minutes left, so I hooked up my APC 40 to live sequence (something I usually do in the daw with mouse and keyboard).... loaded up a fresh blank tape into the tascam, pressed record and gave myself one take to capture something since I would still need to recapture the Audio from the Tascam back into ableton live, so I could export and listen to on the plane... Which is very noticable by how sloppy and dirty this came out as I blindly fumbled through trying to use my APC40 to sequence for the first time when I've only ever used it to DJ Live Sets at shows or on the radio prior. Live Video Documentation from October 4th 2018 I did bring my laptop with me, and tried to go back into the session while outside of the Hospital during my lunch break, but I couldn't seem to come close to recapturing any of the magic from the live demo version I recorded to cassette. So I decided to upload the demo version to soundcloud titled "Unfinished Hugs" & just never got around to revisiting and cleaning it up... Nearly the entire unreleased album titled "PvP" from this era pretty much met that same fate unfortunately. The Hug.wrm Era was short and ended abruptly but to this day still remains one of my favorite creative chapters, because I was surrounded by next level talented producers all bouncing creative energy off each other and trying to push the boundaries of experimentation, which led to #EvolvingPortals since.... and thus, "Unfinished Hugs" was Born...

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