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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Third Eyes Wide Shut

Third Eyes Wide Shut



Produced by: Dutchyyy Vocal Sample: MoRuf - Album: Traversal Track: 7 Released: December 30, 2015 (Bandcamp) Released: January 1st, 2016 (Streaming) Released: December 2nd, 2016 (Cassette) via GrandGardenRecords ---------------------------------- Backstory: Created: 11-11-2015 Location:Tampa Bay, FL Created during a short visit to the "10x12" a.k.a. (the tiny apartment my Mother and Grandparents lived in). I always had bad memories at that place and tried to avoid visiting for extended periods, but my mother was agoraphobic and rarely left her tiny room, and years of trying to motivate her didn't work until after she saw me happy and at peace after reuniting and living with my Pops in New York for a year. The 1st few months I was back in Tampa were super turbulent and it wasn't until I finally exploded on her via an email late august that things began to turn around. Context: "The Insanity Loop" - šŸ”— šŸ”— + "The Lift" - šŸ”— šŸ”— After that email, my mother made her best effort to course correct, even if just for a short time. So in November she metaphorically dragged me to come stay a few days so she could take me to the dentist and in return she would leave her room and go for walks outside in nature me (that prob sounds weird, but it was a huge step in compromise in making an effort to do something i've begged her to try to do for years) so I packed up my laptop, interface, headphones and little JBL bluetooth speaker and agreed to stay a few days. The Dental appointment she took me to was a huge turning point in my life because it was the day we both found out how severe, complicated, risky and expensive the surgery would be. She left in tears because she wanted to help but couldn't afford how expensive it was, which made me cry. (This appointment was why I stopped writing and recording lyrics as "Dutchmassive" and pivoted to The daily private tascam freestyles) Context: "The Reluctant Clap" (Daily Rambles) šŸ”— šŸ”— She made good on her promise and went walking in Nature with me that day. I used that time to shill the healing powers of being out in mother nature and tried my hardest to exude positive and inspirational energy even though I just learned something about my health that made that difficult, but i'm a trooper and I really wanted my mother to take steps (literally) in her healing process =) After we returned from the trail, I escaped that tiny apartment immediately and brought my laptop and equipment down to a bench outside next to the pool and opened Ableton with intention to continue that conversation I had with her in nature about nature and how she needs to de and re-program her mind from everything she was taught by her parents and the world and view the beauty of this planet, untouched by human hands in the moments she's in despair about the broken man made systems that can make life very hard to bare a lot of people....So I continued the conversation but in the form of creative expression without speaking.... You can view this moment in time below... Context: "TRAVERSAL" (documenting the pivot) [PART 3] šŸ”— šŸ”— One of the last songs created for "Traversal".... I thought about that day, and remembered one of my favorite lines "You should open your eyes and see the evidence" from one of my favorite songs, titled "Compromise" from one of my favorite albums "Shades.Of.Moo" from one of my favorite emcees #MoRuf Context: šŸ”— šŸ”— I thought to myself, not only was the phrase perfect, but the track title it's from also helps cement this personal moment in time. So for the first time ever, I began with a Chorus content and started with a vocal sample and built the music around it Heavy Heavy Heavy... and Thus, "Third Eyes Wide Shut" was born

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