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Stop Sleeping In So Much (f/ RND1)


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*This record is a 50/50% split with @RND1 "Stop Sleeping In So Much" Produced by: Dutchyyy & RND1 Vocals by: @RND1 From the 2015 digital version of "Traversal" Backstory: I'd like to start this off by going on record that anytime the Question who my favorite producer is, the answer has been RND1 for the last decade so with that out of the way lets time travel a bit. I met @RND1 (pronounced Round One) in 2012 when I first moved to Los Angles & joined the beat collective "Astral Basement" founded by Vik (previously known as Viktorstone) I had been following Astral Basement since before I moved to L.A. during the infamous Tumblr Era, so when Vik reached out and asked if I wanted to be involved I said yes without hesitation. The age of beat collectives, I was apart of so many during the soundcloud era (Astral Basement, Soulection, FlyByNight, Expansions Collective, Cosmic Compositions, Collective Resonance, Rootnote collective , etc) It wasn't until July 19th 2013 I got to meet RND1 in person for the first time at the Astral Basement show for Beat Soup at PooBah Records (Rest in Peace Ras G) in Pasadena. I remember meeting RND1 for the 1st time and him being so shy and quiet in person, I noticed he looked cold so I gave him my Jacket to wear (something he must of really appreciated because I forgot about this but it's something that stuck with him for years to follow as he always reminds me) It was crazy to me this producer that I basically fanned out over constantly was so humble and reserved and we just clicked instantly. RND1, like most amazing producers I know has the all too common "BEAT HOARDER" syndrome. He does release music, but I have countless folders upon folders of the greatest music I've ever heard dating as far back as 2012 and he's yet to release any of it haha. We grew closer as friends after I moved away from Los Angeles and he was the first person I went to for beats when I was living in New York and entertaining the idea of recording another "Dutchmassive" album. He sent me batch after batch and instead of writing to anything, a new series would be born. "DailyRambles" (The Reluctant Clap) A series where I would blindly load up batches of beats I haven't listened to yet on my portable Tascam DR-05 and attempt to Freestyle over whatever I hear (this was my way of gauging if a beat had potential to sit and write to) and while I didn't end up writing or recording another "Dutchmassive" album, I recorded 6 years worth of freestyles (Dailyrambles) and that all started by RND1 sending batches of absolute heat. In 2015, I moved from New York back to my home town of Tampa, FL which came with very different energy and challenges than I had living on a secluded mountain in NY or the overstimulating energy of Living in Los Angeles, So I decided to finish an album I began while living in Los Angeles, continued in New York and now would close that Chapter back in the state I tried my hardest to escape. It was really important that I had a collab with RND1 on this project, so he sent me batch of beats he recently started and I didn't even make it through the entire folder before asking him to send me the Ableton Session for this beat. Most of ground work had already been laid, but I was able to go in and Dutchify it up enough adding an intro, horns, layered chops, some drums and drop outs etc but this is the one collab where I can say, I didn't do most of the heavy lifting. Usually I just get a drum loop and then do everything from there with very few exceptions. There's much more to the RND1 x Dutchyyy story, but we will pick back up where we left off in future backstories for future uploads. To Be Continued =) "Stop Sleeping In So Much" was the 2nd to last song created for "Traversal" and I'm very thankful to have crossed paths with RND1 and gained a best friend / brother in process. one of my favorite instrumental albums of all time is by RND1 You can find more of his music here: and hopefully soon @ If you'd like to experience "Traversal" the way it was intended to be digested. You can listen to the Cassette version (which has a different mix, master, sequence and even songs that vary from from original digital release.
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September 13, 2022
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