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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Spring Chops in Fall

Spring Chops in Fall



"Spring Chops In Fall" Produced by: Dutchyyy (fka) Dutchy (aka) Dutchmassive Created: 11/11/23 Album: Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol.3 [Sun Ra] Digital Release Date: November 21, 2013 3xLP / Vinyl Release Date: August 11, 2014 (Limited 500 copies) Album Artwork By : Jordan Cuthers Clark Digital: Vinyl: --------------------------------- Backstory: Created in my Los Angeles apartment in Fall of 2013. This track began the same hour Addison Chase (of Cosmic Compositions) reached out to me to be included in their next Avant Garde Series for Sun Ra. After telling me my track "Astral Traveling" for **Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol.1 [Pharoah Sanders]** was one of his personal favorite tracks as well as one the fan favorites, I was pretty inspired to jump into this flip without a moment's delay. **Reference** Avant Garde Series Vol.1 [Pharoah Sanders] Digital / Vinyl Release: 1/1 of "Astral Travl'n": "Astral Travl'n" would later be featured on the 120 minute cassette "Chill Gawd Chill" Both of these Artists we were paying tribute to were some of my biggest inspirations musically over the years. Hearing their music always made me feel like my creative intuition to embrace the abstract and create contrasts between chaotic moments and peaceful/harmonious moments either through sudden unpredictable shifts that would feel jarring to most people or through slow builds that tell a story that may or may not have a resolve, This was something I always got pushback on from friends but was something I myself was proud of. Methods both Sun Ra & Pharoah Sanders both implemented often. So when the chance was presented to pay official tribute to & honor these legends, I made absolutely sure I came with my A game and made tracks at least I could be proud of. "Spring Chops In The Fall '' was created in Ableton Live, but it was also the 1st song I used the Original SP404 compression and isolation on. I really wanted to flex the art of micro-chopping and show off my ability to turn entire songs into a instrument, rather than cherry picking the obvious part(s) most people would usually gravitate towards. So I flipped my chosen track multiple different ways while still finding a way to sequence all the change ups in a way that told a cohesive sonic story. Honor A Legend, Create A Journey. This remains one of my personal favorite tracks to date. The song also landed on the B-side of my album "The Uproot" Which will hopefully one day see a physical release, even if in the Demo form in currently exists in. =) [1/1] THE UPROOT (DEMO VERSION) SIDE A [1/1] THE UPROOT (DEMO VERSION) SIDE B (Bonus) Original Soundcloud Golden Era upload: And Thus, "Spring Chops in Fall" was born.

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