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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Shipping & Handling (The Odyssey)

Shipping & Handling (The Odyssey)



"Shipping & Handling" (The Odyssey) Produced by: Dutchyyy Guest Vocals: DJ Premier Album: Yawn of the Gemini Track: 36 Created:: 2006 Released: May 23, 2010 ----------------- Backstory: Created 2006 in Tampa Bay, FL using FL Studio.... When creating this track, I was imaging the Journey of priceless package on route from across the globe.  I Remember being super anxious about my package changing hands, going from post office, to truck, to airplane, to warehouse, back to a truck with lots of variables that come with human handling.   The First half of the beat I imagined tranquility....  Smooth Sailing...  All is well.....    In typical Dutch Fashion,  what's a true journey without the balance of turmoil hahah.   So the Second half of the track is anxiety personified.   As I Document this track created in 2006 and released in 2010,  I'm stuck in the present. Feb 19th, 2024 anxiously awaiting for the delivery of everything I own and hold dear to my heart.  PC,  entire physical music collection (Vinyl, Cassettes, CD's), Books, Magazines, Paintings, Photos, Furniture....   Nearly everything I've ever collected since I was a teenager.   Things didn't go as planned at every stage of this cross country relocation, so I wasn't able to properly pack and secure my load on the trailer before having it picked up to travel across the United states...     I'm super grateful I was blessed to even be able to have this chance of relocation but until all my stuff arrives safely,  I've been super restless and fearful.   My Stuff will arrive tomorrow and I just wanted to document this track that somehow feels way to relevant nearly 2 decades later haha ...            I hope this pit in my stomach is all for nothing and i'll be able to follow this up with a new track, in a new location, during a new chapter of my life filled with unwavering gratitude. And Thus, Shipping & Handling was Born.

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