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Produced by: Dutchyyy Album: "Chill Gawd, Chill" Track: ShameOnYu Track #: 35 Created: 2012 Released: February 5th, 2015 ------------------------ Backstory: Sigh.....haha Picking back up from where left off with creation of "YEBICHAI SWEAT" in November of 2012, We fast forward just a few months.... A Vicious cycle of showing back up at my apartment, crying asking for forgiveness and promising things will change and me being trapped in the "see the best in people, and forgiveness is much less heavy than holding resentment is" arc..... Again, this theme would continue until april 2014.... but we live and learn haha. I don't need to go into details via backstory, the music pretty much speaks the context... Don't I look silly... haha. I ended up dropping this on Soundcloud on March 6th of 2013, but I know the track was created before that, just can't remember when..... either way..... way too small of a peaceful arc between break up tracks.... and thus, ShameOnYu was born...

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