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"OneForShoes" -Produced by Dutchyyy From the 2 hour Cassette "Chill Gawd, Chill" Backstory: The date was May 15th 2014, I was getting onto a flight heading back to Tampa Bay when I learned House Shoes (STREETCORNERMUSIC) was doing his first sample challenge "Flip Sessions" but the Deadline was at Midnight. So I quickly reached out and let him know that I'm boarding a flight but will home in a few hours but will be cutting it super close and asked If I could submit the following the day. He said "Midnight sharp, no exceptions" So I landed at Tampa International, my friend picked me up and I told him we need to stop at Best Buy or somewhere I can purchase speakers since mine were stuck in storage back in Los Angeles at the time. Ran into Best Buy and they didn't have any decent monitors in stock so I purchased a little blue tooth JBL flip speaker. We got to his townhouse and I scrambled to download the sample with less than 2 hours until deadline. Opened up Ableton Live, Laid some basic drums down and went to work manipulating and micro-chopping the sample. Made something quickly and decided, it needed some dope change ups and some extra layering. Did my very best, mixing as I went along and exported right at the buzzer. Turned out to be one of my favorite tracks I've made due to the changes ups so I'm glad I went back to put in more time. I uploaded my track to Soundcloud 6 minutes after the deadline passed. He was definitely not joking when he told me "Midnight sharp, no exceptions" because he did not accept my entry haha. I didn't get discouraged, I ended up submitting to Flip Sessions 3, 4 & 6. I created an entry for 5, but didn't end up submitting it. I intended to use this track on my (at the time) upcoming album "The Uproot" but last minute pulled it to place on "Chill Gawd, Chill" to end out the tape and take us to the next chapter, and thus..... "OneForShoes" was born. "Chill Gawd, Chill" was released initially February 5th 2015 Digitally on Bandcamp and as A 120minute (2 hour) Cassette, that came with Nag Champa. It sold out immediately and was Bandcamp's best selling Cassette. Due to high demand and fomo, I was pressured into doing a second pressing of Cassette w/ Nag Champa which dropped on my birthday, May 23rd 2016. Once again, it sold out immediately and was Bandcamp's best selling cassette for 2 weeks in a row. Obviously, my most popular / successful instrumental album as Dutchyyy (fka Dutchy) the demand to upload this to streaming was unbearable. To this Day, "Chill Gawd, Chill" remains only available on bandcamp. In fall of 2020, I did one final pressing of the two hour tape w/ Nag Champa. It was the last time I will press "this version" of the cassette. The problem was, I pulled 4 songs from what was supposed to be my follow up album "The Uproot" and placed them on "Chill Gawd, Chill" last minute. Those songs were "OneForshoes" / "Evolution of a Shrug" / "The Scramble" / "Lamb's Bread" (feat. ashtrejinkins & sleepyeyes) and removed a few songs that were created specifically for "Chill Gawd, Chill". This decision derailed the release of "The Uproot" which it still remains officially unreleased to this day. Instead I released "Traversal" next, which is actually the follow up album to the "The Uproot". (confusing huh?) *****All bidders on this auction will receive a link to my master cloud based vault "Dutchyyy vs the Algorithms" over 110gb's of nearly my full released and unreleased discography. *****

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